tf205 Soft Machone; Other Doors (2023) 2LP
tf204 Soft Machine; Paradiso '69 (2021) LP
tf202 Bass Communion; Ghosts On Magnetic Tape (2021) 2LP
tf201 Bass Communion; Dronework (2021) 2LP
tf200 tonefloat; tf200 (2020) slipmat
tf199 Sand Snowman; A House Of War Our Home (2021) LP
tf198 Polar Twins; Maybe The Moon (2020) LP
tf197 The Use Of Ashes; A Summer Without Sun/Tomorrow Never Knows (2020) 7″
tf196 The Use Of Ashes; Burning Gnome (2020) CD
tf195 Soft Machine; Live At The Baked Potato (2020) 2LP
tf194 Bass Communion // Freiband; VL Tones (2019) 3CD
tf193 Art Nouveau; The Art Nouveau EP (2020) EP
tf192 God; Panic Underneath The Arches (2019) EP
tf191 Mushroom Project; Lalo Elijah (2020) LP
tf190 March; Second/What About The Boys (2020) LP
tf189 Octavepussy; If The Funk Don’t Fit (2019) 7″
tf188 Octavepussy; Straight From #1 Bimini Road (2019) 7″
tf187 Octavepussy; Straight From #1 Bimini Road (2019) LP/CD/Cassette
tf186 Hans Dagelet & YAN; R.I.P. (2019) LP
tf185 Soft Machine; Hidden Details (2018) 2LP
tf184 Theo Travis; Open Air (2017)
tf183 Mick Ness; The Joy Of Live (2017) LP
tf182 Sand Snowman; Seven Sisters Seven Seas (2018) LP
tf181 Demi Mazurka; Come Out And Play (2017) LP
tf180 De Fabriek; De Terugkeren (2017) LP
tf179 Mecano; Mecano Unlimited (2016) LP
tf178 Yodok III; Yodok III/The Sky Flashes The Great Sea Yearns (2016) 3CD
tf177 Yodok III; The Mountain Of Void – Live At Roadburn 2016 (2016) LP/CD
tf176 –
tf175 Steven Wilson & Dirk Serries; Continuum II (2016) 2CD
tf174 Steven Wilson & Dirk Serries; Continuum I (2016) 2CD
tf173 The Use Of Ashes; Are You Swedish (2016) 7”
tf172 Dirk Serries; Microphonics XXVI-XXXV – Resolution Heart (2017) LP/CD
tf171 Jesu & Dirk Serries; Resolution Heart (2016) 7”
tf170 Astralasia vs The Use Of Ashes; Astralashes (2017) LP
tf169 Dirk Serries & Rutger Zuydervelt; Buoyant Live (2016) LP
tf168 Kodian Trio; I (2016) LP
tf167 The Use Of Ashes/This Mortal Coil; Jackie And Kate (2016) 7”
tf166 Dikeman Lisle Serries Webster; Apparitions (2016) 2LP
tf164 Mekanik Kommando; And The Wind Died Down (2024) 2LP
tf161 Mekanik Kommando; Dancing Elephants (tbc) LP
tf160 Mekanik Kommando; It Would Be Quiet In The Woods If Only… (2017) LP
tf159 Mekanik Kommando; ~~~ / ++/+- (2016) 7”
tf158 The Dead Astronaut; The Dead Astronaut (2015) LP
tf157 Beequeen; Sturmwind (2016) 7”
tf156 Serries Verhoeven Webster Trio; Cinepalace (2015) LP
tf155 Fantoom; Sluimer (2015) LP
tf154 Theo Travis; Transgression (2015) LP+7”
tf153 Vidnaobmana; The Circuit Abstract (2015) Lp
tf152 Sand Snowman; Red Rag Blues (2015) LP (available with tf151)
tf151 Sand Snowman; A Doll’s Eyes (2015) LP
tf150 Tonefloat (2015) Record Bag
tf149 Yodok III; De Singer, Rijkevorsel, June 13, 2014 (2015) k7
tf148 Yodok III; Dokkhuset, Trondheim, October 28, 2013 (2015) k7
tf147 Dikeman/Serries/Verbruggen; Le Vecteur, Charleroi, October 28, 2014 (2015) k7
tf146 Mekanik Kommando; Do (2015) LP
tf144 Yodok III; The Sky Flashes The Great Sea Yearns (2015) 2LP
tf143 Dirkeman/Serries; _Cult Exposure (2015) LP
tf142 Anja Garbarek; Balloon Mood (2015) LP
tf141 The Use Of Ashes; Pink Ashes (2015) LP
tf140 Theo Travis & Robert Fripp; Discretion (2014) LP
tf139 Void Of Expansion; _Ashes And Blues (2014) LP
tf138 Yodok III; Yodok III (2014) LP
tf137 Dirk Serries; There’s A Light In Vein (2014) LP
tf136 The Use Of Ashes; Ice67 (2014) LP
tf135 The Art Of Cosmic Musings; Transmission (2014) 2LP
tf134 Steven Wilson & Dirk Serries; Continuum I/II (2014) 3LP
tf133 Mark Ritsema; The Lovers (Brasilia) (2013) 7”
tf132 Mercy Giants; Steel Dungeons, Mighty Foes! (2013) LP/CD
tf131 Theo Travis & Robert Fripp; Follow (2013) 2LP
tf130 Dirk Serries; Microphonics XXI-XXV (2013) 2-10”
tf129 Bass Communion; (Untitled) (2014) 4CD
tf128 The Sleep Of Reason; The Sleep Of Reason (2012) 4LP+CD
tf127 Bass Communion; II/III (2013) 2CD
tf126 Polar Twins; Wee Small Hours At Swansneck (2012) LP/CD
tf125 Maarten Van Der Vleuten; Are You Worthy (2012) CD
tf124 Astralasia; Voyage Til Tomorrow (2012) LP
tf123 Fear Falls Burning; Our Corruption And Emptiness (2012) 7”
tf122 Fear Falls Burning; Disorder Of Roots (2012) 2-10”
tf121 Still Light; Rosarium (2012) 2LP
tf120 Dirk Serries; Microphonics Xx (2012) LP
tf119 Sand Snowman; Vanished Chapters (2011) LP
tf118 Sand Snowman; The World’s Not Worth It (2011) LP
tf117 Akhet; Akhet (2011) 2LP
tf116 Bass Communion; Cenotaph (2011) CD
tf115 Dirk Serries; Microphonics Xix (Dortmund) (2011) LP
tf114 Bass Communion; Cenotaph (2011) LP
tf113 The Use Of Ashes; Das Licht In Der Ferne (2012) CD (available with tf108)
tf112 Porcupine Tree; Anesthetize (2011) 4LP
tf111 3 Seconds Of Air; We Are Dust Under The Dying Sun (2011) CD
tf110 3 Seconds Of Air; We Are Dust Under The Dying Sun (2011) LP+CD
tf109 3 Seconds Of Air; Under The Dying Sun (2011) 7”
tf108 The Use Of Ashes; White Nights: Flake Of Eternity (2012) LP
tf107 Steven Wilson; Tape Experiments 1985/86 (2011) LP
tf106 Ron Geesin; Roncycle1: The Journey Of A Melody (2011) LP/CD
tf105 March; March (2011) LP/CD
tf104 Dirk Serries; Microphonics Xiv (Gent) (2010) LP
tf103 Dirk Serries; Microphonics Xii (Tilburg) (2010) LP
tf102 Porcupine Tree; In Absentia (2010) 2LP
tf101 Maarten Van Der Vleuten; The Scars Remain (2011) 2LP
tf100 TF100 (2011) 2-10”/CD
tf099 Tim Bowness Band, Microphonics, The Use Of Ashes; Tonefloat Live (2010) concert
tf098 Steven Wilson; Cover Version 6 (2010) 7″
tf097 Steven Wilson; Cover Version 5 (2010) 7″
tf096 Dirk Serries; Microphonics XII (2010) 10″
tf095 The Use Of Ashes; Flake Of Eternity (2010) 7″
tf094 The Use Of Ashes / Dewolff; Dag Van Het Vinyl (2010) 7″
tf093 Mekanik Kommando; It Would Be Quiet In The Woods If Only… (2010) CD
tf092 Mekanik Kommando; Blue Bananas (2010) 10″
tf091 Astralasia; A Coloured In Dream (2010) LP
tf090 Ex-wise Heads; Celestial Disclosure (2010) CD
tf089 Theo Travis & Robert Fripp; Bishops Cleeve (2010) LP
tf088 Theo Travis & Robert Fripp; Broadchalke (2010) LP
tf087 The Use Of Ashes; White Nights (2009) tee shirt
tf086 Tonefloat (2009) turntable mat
tf085 Dirk Serries; Microphonics VII (Antwerp) (2009) LP
tf084 Fear Falls Burning; The Rainbow Mirrors A Burning Heart (2009) CD
tf083 Fear Falls Burning; Woes Of The Desolate Mourner (2010) CD
tf082 Porcupine Tree; The Incident (2010) 2LP
tf081 Valentine; Androgenius: Future? (2009) LP
tf080 Dirk Serries; Microphonics VI (The Hague) (2009) LP
tf079 3 Seconds Of Air; The Flight Of Song (2009) concert
tf078 3 Seconds Of Air; The Flight Of Song (2009) LP+CD
tf077 3 Seconds Of Air; The Flight Of Song (2009) CD
tf073~076 IEM; (Untitled) (2010) 4CD
tf072 The Use Of Ashes; White Nights: Glowing Lights (2009) LP/CD
tf071 Bass Communion; Litany (2009) 12″
tf070 Judy Dyble; Talking With Strangers (2009) LP
tf069 Sand Snowman; Sampler (2009) CD
tf067~068 Bass Communion; Molotov And Haze (2009) LP+10″
tf066 Fear Falls Burning, Theo Travis, Sand Snowman; Tonefloat Live (2009) concert
tf065 Anja Garbarek; Briefly Shaking (2009) LP
tf064 Fear Falls Burning; I’m One Of Those Monsters Numb With Grace (2009) CD
tf063 Fear Falls Burning; The Carnival Of Ourselves (2009) CD
tf062 Theo Travis & Robert Fripp; Thread (2009) 2LP
tf061 The Use Of Ashes; I Hear A New World (2008) 7″
tf060 Theo Travis // Fear Falls Burning; The Tonefloat Sessions (2009) LP
tf059 Sand Snowman; Two Way Mirror (2009) LP/CD
tf058 Dirk Serries; Microphonics I-v (2008) LP/CD
tf057 Bass Communion/Fear Falls Burning (2008) 7″
tf056 Porcupine Tree; Lightbulb Sun (2008) 2LP
tf055 Sand Snowman; The Twilight Game (2008) LP/CD
tf054 Sand Snowman; “I’m Not Here” (2008) LP/CD
tf053 Vidnaobmana; 1987-2007: Chasing The Odyssee (2010) 8LP
tf052 Final; The Apple Never Falls Far From The Tree (2010) 2LP
tf051 Steven Wilson & Dirk Serries; Continuum Recyclings Volume 2 (2010) 2LP
tf050 Steven Wilson; Insurgentes (2008) 4-10″
tf049 Eightfold Model; Eightfold Model (2008) LP
tf048 No-man; Schoolyard Ghosts (2008) 2LP+7″
tf047 The Use Of Ashes (ft. Bass Communion); (Untitled) (2008) 10″
tf046 Porcupine Tree; We Lost The Skyline (2008) LP
tf045 Roger Waters; Hello (I Love You) (2008) 12″
tf044 Anja Garbarek; Smiling And Waving (2008) LP+7″
tf043 Kingfisher Sky; Hallway Of Dreams (2008) LP+7″
tf042 Bass Communion; II (2007) 2LP
tf041 Maarten Van Der Vleuten; High Intolerance Towards Low Energies (2008) LP
tf040 Porcupine Tree; Fear Of A Blank Planet (2007) 2LP
tf039 Bass Communion; Pacific Codex (2007) LP
tf038 Fear Falls Burning; When Mystery Prevades The Well, The Promise Sets Fire (2007) LP
tf037 Roger Waters; Hello (I Love You) (2007) 12″
tf036 The Use Of Ashes; White Nights: The Hand Of Tzafkiël (2008) LP
tf035 Fear Falls Burning; Once We All Walk Through Solid Objects (2007) 5LP
tf034 Oak; Sleep Dream Walk Enter (2007) LP
tf033 Steven Wilson; Steven Wilson (2007) canvas print
tf032 IEM; IEM 1996-1999 (2007) 2LP
tf031 Theo Travis; Slow Life (2007) 2LP
tf030 Steven Wilson; Cover Version 4 (2006) 7″
tf029 Steven Wilson; Cover Version 3 (2006) 7″
tf028 Bass Communion vs The Use Of Ashes; Mousehill (2006) acetate
tf027 Steven Wilson & Dirk Serries; Continuum Recyclings Volume One (2006) 2LP
tf026 No-man; Returning Jesus (The Complete Sessions) (2006) 3LP
tf025 Tonefloat (2006) tee shirt
tf024 No-man; Speak (2006) LP+12″
tf023 Bass Communion; Ghosts On Magnetic Tape (2006) 2LP
tf022 Steven Wilson; Unreleased Electronic Music (2005) 2LP
tf021 Steven Wilson; Cover Version 2 (2005) 7″
tf020 Steven Wilson; Cover Version 1 (2005) 7″
tf019 The Use Of Ashes; The Castle Of Fair Welcome (2005) CD
tf018 No Man; Together We’re Stranger (2005) LP
tf017 The Use Of Ashes; Used Floyd (2004) CD
tf016 The Use Of Ashes; Ice 67 (2004) CD
tf015 silence (2000-2004)
tf014 The Use Of Ashes vs Steven Wilson; Tonefloating (2000) 7″
tf013 Mercy Giants; Hotel Hell, Sports & Relax (2000) LP
tf012 The Use Of Ashes; The Rosebud Years (2000) 3LP
tf011  Tonefloating (2000) concert
tf010 IEM; An Escalator To Christmas (1999) 12″
tf009 The Use Of Ashes; (1998) 7″
tf008 The Kwyet; No Time For Tears (1998) 7″
tf007 The Use Of Ashes; Albion Moonlight (1998) 10″
tf006 (1998)
tf005 The New Creatures; The New Creatures (1998) CD
tf004 The Use Of Ashes; Firetree (1998) 2LP
tf003 The New Creatures; Goldfishin’ (1997) 7″
tf002 Bellybutton Starfish; Paycheck Paradise (1997) 7″
tf001 The Use Of Ashes; Moongarden (1997) 7

Kurzwellen 8 (2018) LP
Kurzwellen 7 (2018) LP
Kurzwellen 6 (2017) LP (unreleased)
Kurzwellen 5 (2015) LP
Kurzwellen 4 (2014) LP
Kurzwellen 3 (2013) LP
Kurzwellen 2 (2012) LP
Kurzwellen 1 (2012) LP
Kurzwellen 0 (2011) 7”

tfc110 Yellow6; In Time This Too Will Fade (2010) LP
tfc109 Still Light; Lything (2010) LP
tfc108 Ex-wise Heads; Celetial Disclosure (2007) LP
tfc107 A Marble Calm; Blue Turns To Grey (2007) LP
tfc106 Centrozoon; Never Trust The Things They Do (2007) LP
tfc105 Theo Travis; Eleven Bowls Of Acidophilus Flute Salad (2006) LP
tfc104 Fear Falls Burning; The Carnival Of Ourselves (2006) LP
tfc103 The Use Of Ashes; The Mousehill Daydream (2005) LP
tfc102 Bass Communion; Indicates Vow (2005) LP
tfc101 In-existence; Vow Of Silence (2005) LP

tfi131106 Dirk Serries; Microphonics 131106 (2013) LP
tfi131006 Dirk Serries; Microphonics 131006 (2013) LP
tfi130806 Dirk Serries; Microphonics 130806 (2013) LP
tfi003 Fear Falls Burning; First By A Whisper, Then By A Storm (2007) LP+CD
tfi002 Fear Falls Burning; Woes Of The Desolate Mourner (2006) 7″
tfi001 Fear Falls Burning; The Amplifier Drone (2006) LP

dslp001/dscd001 Sad Iron; The Antichrist (2016) LP/CD
tf666 various artists; Dutch Steel (2014) 3LP

antarc001 The Use Of Ashes vs Maarten Van Der Vleuten; The Ice Mixes (2005) 12″