Welcome to the brand new Tonefloat Records home. The new site incorporates both news and the store which were on separate platforms in the past. The buying process should be easier now and customers from The Netherlands and Belgium can now also order with iDeal, Bancontact etc.

Spending some time in the vaults has unearthed quite a few surprises. The store is packed with over 300 Tonefloat Records releases and dozens of related releases distributed in the past. Some of them unavailable for more than a decade, so allow yourself some time to explore the new store. You can use the search button for specific wants. Enjoy!

Soft Machine - Other Doors (tf205)

The brand new Soft Machine studio album Other Doors has now been recorded, mixed and mastered and will be released on 30 June 2023.The band’s first studio album since 2018’s ‘Hidden Details’ it marks a new chapter in the history of the band – both an ending and a beginning for this unique band that has now been in existence for 55 years. The album introduces Fred Baker on bass and marks the final appearance on record of the band’s legendary drummer John Marshall who has announced his retirement. Other Doors will be available in three different versions, all limited. Turqoise and green vinyl editions will be out in limited and nummbered runs of 300 copies whereas a superdeluxe marbled vinyl edition including a signed postcard, a full-colour album design slipmat and a Soft Machine tote bag will be limited to 150 copies only.

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The Soft Machine - Paradiso '69 LP (tf204)

Previously only available in (semi)legal fashion with releases drown from a 1980s digital copy, it is with pleasure to announce Paradiso '69. Carefully remastered and restored from the original analogue masters by Peter van Vliet (The Use Of Ashes) and Raymond Steeg, Paradiso '69 is the definite edition of this classic recording with liner notes by Sid Smith and graphic design by Carl Glover. Available on vintage 180 grams black vinyl and out on 13 november 2021. Please note that combined orders for the Bass Communion LP(s) and the Soft Machine LP will be shipped on the revised release date of the Soft Machine LP.

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Bass Communion – Dronework / Ghosts On Magnetic Tape 2LPs (tf201 / tf202)

Dronework was originally recorded in 2003 during the sessions for Ghosts on Magnetic Tape. It didn’t belong with the rest of the music on that album, but was later released as a standalone EP, first as an on-demand CDR in 2004, then on factory-pressed CD in 2008 and finally in 2019 with an expanded CD release including new mixes. For the first time the recordings (2004 Version, Zoviet France 3pm Mix, 2019 v4 Minimal Mix and Requiem 2019) are released on vinyl in a deluxe gatefold sleeve, the first 300 of which are on clear vinyl. In tie with this release there is also a new cut of the longtime unavailable Bass Communion album Ghosts On Magnetic Tape with improved artwork and also in a gatefold sleeve. Both Dronework and Ghosts On Magnetic Tape are out on 22 October 2021.

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Mushroom Project – Lalo Elijah LP (tf191)

Swordfish’s collaboration with tf dates back to 2010 with Astralasia’s A Coloured In Dream (tf91) which was followed by Voyage Till Tomorrow (2012) and a very much under the radar album released with the The Use Of Ashes as Astralashes (tf170). Lalo Elijah is a equally welcomed as impressive new chapter of the as yet unfinished book and release in January 2021 under the Mushroom Project moniker, referring to the acid drenched masterpieces released by Astralasia’s next of kin Magic Mushroom Band.Swordfish: “Lalo Elijah was recorded in one take at 3am on a Sunday morning. It was a spur of the moment thing as we were asked while we were in the studio to do a short version of an old spirit track from their first LP. This was for an intended compilation of 60’s cover versions. All the other bands had done ones with vocals. As none of at session were singers we decided on that motif which then got embellished by Lalo Shifrin inspired riffs and solos. Total blow out, jammed and very off the cuff. It never made that compilation even in its edited form of 4 minutes as it was to different to everything else sounding folky and flowery.The band released the album, basically one track over two sides, in a tiny private run for friends and family. We thought the album deserves a bigger audience so here you go. Lalo Elijah will be released 30th of January 2021 in three colours (magenta, turqoise and grey vinyl) each in a limited and numbered edition of 100 copies.

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Polar Twins – Maybe The Moon LP (tf198)

Maybe The Moon is the second album of Polar Twins, the duo formed by singer/accordionist Dirk Polak (frontman of Mecano Un-Ltd) and singer/guitarist Mark Ritsema (frontman of Spasmodique). Their highly acclaimed debut album Wee Small Hours At Swansneck (tf126, 2013) consisted mainly of songs that were inspired by their European travels. For their sophomore album we find the two baritones mostly at home in Amsterdam (Dirk) or Rotterdam (Mark) musing over favourite subjects like art, poetry, literature and music.This results in a collection of melodic yet brooding songs in German, French and English, that are full of abstract poetry, surrealism and weltschmerz. At the Studio SanteBoutique of co-producer Edwin Willemen, the material was richly arranged with strings, electric and acoustic guitars and mallet percussion, backed by the solid rhythm section of Joeri Rook (drums) and Peter Jessen (double and electric bass). The voices of Polar Twins and the way the rich and dark baritone of Dirk blends with the slightly more hoarse baritone of Mark, remain their strongest asset. The well-crafted and co-written songs of the duo reveal influences of artrock, prog-folk and baroque pop. They like to call it European folk music.  Maybe The Moon will be released 30th of October on 180 grams black vinyl and a limited and numbered edition of only 50 copies on 180 grams clear vinyl with a deluxe slipmat.

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March Second / What About The Boys LP (tf190)

March is a solo project of Maarten Scherrenburg. Maarten is inseparable from the label’s history since the early days, being a longtime member of The Use Of Ashes, Mercy Giants and Demi Mazurka.March’s debut album from 2011 is a – albeit somewhat hidden – gem in the label’s catalogue. We have fond memories of the wonderful performance during the tf100 festival that year. Maarten received numerous requests for a follow up. “I have really never thought about that, until now.”The result is the intense album Second / What About The Boys (tf190). Inspired by Big Star’s iconic album Third / Sister Lovers, this album tells the story of Jasper and Joris – Maarten’s nephews – who both left this planet far too soon.March Second shows a matured Maarten Scherrenburg, both in songwriting and recording on this record which features side one with dreamy, three to four minute songs and two more lengthy instrumental tracks on side two. The record takes you from intimate ‘under the bridge’ songs to hectic well-built experiences. Think about Radiohead, Raoul Vignal and Do Make Say Think. Second / What About The Boys will be released 30th of September on 180 grams vinyl.

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The Use Of Ashes – Burning Gnome (tf196) and limited 7inch single (tf197)

It’s been nearly a decade that we welcomed a new studio album by our cherished The Use Of Ashes. Flake Of Eternity (2012) was the last installment of the White Nights trilogy that brought us The Hand Of Tzafkiël (2008) and Glowing Lights (2009). The four piece band consisting of Simon and Peter van Vliet, Maarten Scherrenburg and Pascal van de Pol released a beautiful take on Pink Floyd’s early days as a Record Store Day release (Pink Ashes, 2015) and recorded an album with Astralasia entitled Astralashes (2017).2018 and 2019 saw them reviving their roots as Mekanik Kommando with a tour in support of a well deserved reissue of the band’s It Would Be Quiet In The Woods If Only A Few Birds Sing.We are honoured to bring you Burning Gnome. 12 tracks clocking in at little over thirty minutes – a simple nod to the 60s that are omnipresent in the band’s music. The album’s artwork is a piece of work by Frans Janssen. Burning Gnome is available now from all streaming platforms including iTunes, Deezer, Spotify and Tidal.A CD edition (300 copies) will be out on August 28, coupled by a very limited (200 copies) 7inch single for A Summer Without Sun / Tomorrow Never Knows. “An extremely eclectic neo-sixties album” (Peter Bruyn, Lust For Life) ****

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Soft Machine Live At The Baked Potato 2LP (tf195)

In 2018 Soft Machine released their first studio album in 37 years called Hidden Details. In support of this widely acclaimed and heralded album, John Etheridge (electric guitar), Roy Babbington (bass guitar), John Marshall (drums) and Theo Travis (saxophones, flute, Fender Rhodes piano) toured the world during 2018 and 2019.

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