Mushroom Project – Lalo Elijah LP (tf191)

Published on 12 November 2020 at 00:00

Swordfish’s collaboration with tf dates back to 2010 with Astralasia’s A Coloured In Dream (tf91) which was followed by Voyage Till Tomorrow (2012) and a very much under the radar album released with the The Use Of Ashes as Astralashes (tf170). Lalo Elijah is a equally welcomed as impressive new chapter of the as yet unfinished book and release in January 2021 under the Mushroom Project moniker, referring to the acid drenched masterpieces released by Astralasia’s next of kin Magic Mushroom Band.

Swordfish: “Lalo Elijah was recorded in one take at 3am on a Sunday morning. It was a spur of the moment thing as we were asked while we were in the studio to do a short version of an old spirit track from their first LP. This was for an intended compilation of 60’s cover versions. All the other bands had done ones with vocals. As none of at session were singers we decided on that motif which then got embellished by Lalo Shifrin inspired riffs and solos. Total blow out, jammed and very off the cuff. It never made that compilation even in its edited form of 4 minutes as it was to different to everything else sounding folky and flowery.

The band released the album, basically one track over two sides, in a tiny private run for friends and family. We thought the album deserves a bigger audience so here you go. Lalo Elijah will be released 30th of January 2021 in three colours (magenta, turqoise and grey vinyl) each in a limited and numbered edition of 100 copies.